Monkeys chase anyone in dress or skirt

Posted on September, 12, 2017 at 09:24 am

Residents of Macani village, Kijabe ward, Lari constituency yesterday threatened to trap and kill monkeys that destroy crops and attack women.

They said the monkeys have eaten all the crops in their farms.

“You cannot see a fruit, maize, beans, peas, vegetable, carrots, spinach, potatoes or sweet potatoes in our farms. They have been eaten by the monkeys,” Charles Kimani said in Kijabe.

Lydia Njeri said women have been forced to wear trousers since the animals, which move in a troop of 20 to 30, attack anyone in a dress or skirt.

“We feel they fear men and we are now forced to wear trousers to look like men. Anyway, who wants to be followed by monkeys making loud noises?” she said.

Kimani said residents are now selling their livestock.

“I sold my cows since the primates eat the feed we grow for cattle. They destroy them while eating. At times when you feed them [cattle] with commercial feed, they [monkey] come to our zero grazing and grab it.”

He said they have resorted to making wooden traps as the Kenya Wildlife Service is not helping.

“We call’s the KWS and they respond, but they have never trapped even one monkey. They are aware of our problem. We are left wondering where we are headed,” Kimani said.

He said they will kill every monkey trapped until they eradicate all of them.

The most affected areas are Macani, Kijabe hospital, Kijabe Boys and Kijabe Girls high schools, King’atu and Kiambogo villages.

The monkeys are from Kijabe and Ngubi forests. It is believed the dry spell has driven them from the forests into farms in search of food.

Nancy Nduta said the monkeys have destroyed five acres of her maize crop.

“I don’t know who will compensate me. I support any means to eradicate this menace,” she said.

A KWS officer said traps will be mounted to capture the primates.

Source: The Star