NFRA builds modern granaries to store grain on site worth 14bn/-

Posted on May, 18, 2020 at 10:12 am

The National Fod Reseve Agency(NFRA) is building modern storage facilities in Mpanda Municipality with the capacity of storing 28,000 tonnes of crops at once. 
The 14bn-project which has reached at 75 percent will be completed on July 14, this year and will be a relief to thousands of farmers in the western Tanzania’s region of Katavi.
Project manager, Eng. Mussa Chiyanda said this when briefing the delegation led by Katavi Regional Commissioner, Juma Homera who visited the project site here yesterday.
Eng. Chiyanda informed that the project which kicked off on January 14, 2019 will create reliable market to farmers in Katavi—one of top ten cereal producing regions in Tanzania.
RC Homera for his part called on contractors to speed up construction of the facilities so that farmers should use it during this harvesting season.
“Let’s complete this project as soon as possible as farmers are due to start harvesting their crops and NFRA should get prepared to buy those crops and store in the new warehouses,” he said.
RC Homera said that in some parts of the region farmers have started harvesting maize and they have started selling them.
He also urged farmers in the region to ensure that their crops are well prepared before taking them to the storage facilities and be able to compete in local and international markets.
Katavi is an emerging economy with high economic growth potential in the Lake Tanganyika Zone of Western Tanzania. With its growing agricultural, mining and tourism sectors, a promising foreign direct investment than any region, and a current political climate open to investment than any time before.
The region is rich with untapped economic opportunities and its people are a farmer, who produces cereals, legumes, fruits and high value crops including spices. Large part of the land is fertile and needs little fertilizer to grow crops in large quantities.
Source: IPP Media